Welcome to The Hay Loft at Commonwood Farm Knighton-on-Teme

Commonwood Farm at Knighton–on–Teme are thrilled to announce the opening of

The Hay Loft, a stunningly converted space perfect for business meetings, workshops, and community events.

Nestled at the heart of Commonwood Farm, The Hay Loft combines rustic charm with modern amenities, offering a unique venue for various gatherings.

The Perfect Blend of Rural History with a Modern Twist

This beautifully restored Hay Loft, retaining the character and charm of its historical roots. Exposed wooden beams, lofty ceilings, and plenty of light to create an airy, inviting atmosphere that inspires creativity and productivity.

This transformation from a traditional hay loft to a multifunctional space highlights the perfect blend of past and present.

Perfect for Business Meetings

Whether you are hosting a team meeting, client presentation, or networking event, The Hay Loft provides a professional yet cozy environment.

Meeting facilities include:

Flexible Seating Arrangements: From boardroom setups, we can customise the layout to suit your needs.

Refreshments: Enjoy delicious refreshments including Tea, Coffee, and Apple Juice.

Parking: Ample Parking facilities.

The serene surroundings and natural light make The Hay Loft an ideal setting for clear thinking and productive discussions.

A Haven for Crafters and Artisans

Crafters and artisans will find The Hay Loft to be a haven for creativity. The spacious and adaptable layout accommodates various crafting activities, including:

Workshops and Classes: Host your own crafting workshops, from pottery to knitting, in a space designed to inspire. Display local talent and handmade goods.

The Hay Loft is equipped with ample workspace, comfortable seating to ensure a pleasant and productive crafting experience.

Book the Hay Loft Today

We invite you to experience The Hay Loft for your next business meeting, crafting workshop, or community event.

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The Hay Loft is more than just a venue; it is a community space where ideas flourish, creativity nurtured, and connections are made. Within easy reach of Tenbury Wells Worcestershire,

 Commonwood Farm look forward to welcoming you to the Hayloft and helping your events come to life in the most beautiful setting.

By offering a mix of business functionality and creative potential, The Hay Loft stands out as a versatile and inspiring venue. Whether you are looking to hold a strategic meeting or immerse yourself in a day of crafting, this space is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

 Join us at The Hay Loft and be part of something truly special.

 For booking enquiries and to schedule a visit, please contact Sarah Starkey 07974 438517 or email hello@commonwoodfarm.com www.commonwoodfarm.com