Breathe Meditation  Andy Hackney Founder of Breathe Meditation (DipBSoM)

Have you thought about meditation but are not sure how to start or where to go?
Do you want to be less stressed, feel calmer, sleep better and generally improve your quality of life?
You are in the right place!

Like so many people, I had heard of meditation and mindfulness and its many benefits but wasn’t sure how to get started or where to go. Then, after a period of stress in my life I took the decision to look for a meditation teacher and learn how to develop a regular practice. Now, a few years later I am a fully qualified meditation teacher helping clients develop and maintain their own practice.

Reduce stress and anxiety.
Meditation cuts back your stress chemistry (like cortisol and adrenaline) and replaces it with natural bliss (dopamine and serotonin)

Stay focused and clear.
Meditation develops full-brain functioning, your prefrontal cortex is activated, alpha waves increase and neurophysiology changes, so you think clearly and make better decisions.

Sleep better and have more energy.
The very deep rest does two things; gives you lots of energy and calms your system so you can fall asleep.

Be healthier and younger
Stress weakens your immune system and speeds up ageing. Meditation reverses this; you get sick less often and feel more youthful.

Breathe Meditation Andy Hackney Founder of Breathe Meditation (DipBSoM)







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