What comes next?

We’ve been working hard at sourcing businesses for the website – nearly 200 already and there are many more within a 5 mile radius of The Round Market …..we’re getting to as many as we can as soon as we can so it really helps us when people download a form from facebook or fill in the form on the contact page of the website. 

A massive thank you to the businesses that have put their faith in us and especially those that have invested in an upgrade of their listing ……..the introductory offer will be coming to an end shortly, however, those that have been in from the beginning will benefit with their renewal being at the introductory rate – as a thank you from me to them for their support at the start of this journey. 

We’ve concentrated heavily on our facebook presence as we know that we have to be active where our visitors are looking for inspiration for products and services and that is online as well as in print …………not everyone likes the idea of the online presence but that is the way forward for many people .

We’ve been on the radio talking about Tenbury, Independent businesses and Small Business Saturday ……….we’ve been sending news articles to all the local papers to raise awareness of our unique businesses and we’ve had an article published in Place magazine so……


We keep on adding businesses to the website, we keep talking to businesses and learning from and with them, we keep promoting the businesses of Tenbury and take more of them on this journey with us …………..If you want to come with us get in touch; it’s never too soon or too late to promote your business for the price of a cup of coffee a week